What is FUSE Ehookah Vaporizer?
FUSE Ehookah by FLYTLAB is the world 1st eHookah, a special Dual cartridges technology that allows user to “ do CBD / THC / E-liquid alone with dry herb or concentrate infusion, allow user to add any flavor to any desirable materials.
Why choose FUSE Ehooah vaporizer over other Ehookah vaporizers on the market?
Innovative. Multifunctional. Futuristic.

The FUSE has been specially designed for all occasion and made to be durable for everyday use. FUSE power by inhale activation, a smart sensor will tricker the cartridges to fire up when inhale, its always ready to vape, Fuse party mode create a unique water bubbler sound adds to the overall eHookah experience and can easily be turned on or off with 3 short puffs from the mouth piece. The only device in the market offer infusion with CBD / THC / E-liquid, Dry Herb, Concentrate.
How does the FUSE work?
• Features a unquie dual cartridges system, its double chamber allow user to mix CBD / THC / E-Liquid with Dry Herb or Concentrates.

Refillable E-Liquid cartridge – Allow using CBD / THC / E-liquid

Dry Herb cartridge - Allow using Dry herb / Oil / Shatter

Wax cartridge – Allow using concentrate / Wax

Unscrew the mouth piece, and load your desirable material into the double chamber, place your cartridges into the device by gently screw the cartridges. Into the slot. Ready to vape just inhale. We strongly suggest user to inhale steady and slow for better quality vaping experience.

• Measures 11 inches in height, very lightweight with classic hookah characteristics and a comfortable padded grip.

• Bright white LED logo on the bottom of the unit activates when in use. • Mini USB rechargeable, With a colored LED lighting system letting you know

when your unit is fully charged or is need of charging. • Powered by a18650 battery, Making it quick charging and long lasting.
How to power ON/OFF the FUSE?
Powered by a 2600Mah battery.
FUSE is constantly on the saving energy mode, the device will only be activate by inhale.
How to open the chamber?
Unscrew the protective top lid to allow access to the chamber.
How long dose the cartridges last?
Normally the cartridges can last 6-8 months, it also depends how user use it.
How long does a battery charge last?
With the unit fully charged it provides up to 8-10 hours of continuous vaping time.
Is the battery replaceable?
The rechargeable battery is built in and non-replaceable.
Charging FUSE?
Gently connect the USB cable to the charging port and charge the unit for 2-3 hrs.  The power indicator will turn green once the unit is fully charged.
What does it mean when the LED is blinking RED?
The unit is out of battery and needs to be charge ASAP.

Loosen up the cartridges, screw the cartridges too tie may cause the device short circuit.
How long is the warranty?
The warranty is for a period of 10 years.

Please refer to the FLYTLAB product warranty policy.
What is recommended for use with FUSE?
H2FLO is a multifunctional Ehookah vaporizer. It allow user to throw in any combination with CBD / THC / E-liquid, Dry herb, Concentrate.
Can I use FUSE with just one cartridge?
How can I turn on/off the party mode?
You can easily turned on or off the party mode with 3 short puffs from the mouth piece. The FUSE button White LED will then flash 3 times to indicate.



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