Ctrl 2.0

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• Sleek, Pocket-Sized Design
• Concealed, Spring-Loaded Chamber
• Compatible with 11mm Diameter Cartridges
• Inhale Activated
• Pre-Heat Function (2 quick puffs in 3 seconds)
• 4 Voltage Settings
• Type-C USB Fast Charging
• 40-Minute Charge Time
• Designed in the USA
• 1-Year Limited Warranty

• Ctrl 2.0 Universal Cartridge Vaporizer
• FLYTLAB Type-C USB Charging Cable
• Ctrl 2.0 Manual

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The FLYTLAB Ctrl 2.0 will work with all vape cartridges that have a diameter of 11 mm or smaller, 1/2 gram, and full gram cartridges with both top and bottom airflow can be used. The innovative design of the FLYTLAB Ctrl. serves several key functions. By providing a completely concealed chamber, once easily recognizable cartridges are now hidden from sight, allowing you to medicate discretely. The fully enclosed chamber also includes protection for your cartridges and reduces the likelihood that they will break into your pocket, purse, or bag. Additionally, this unique design prevents your cartridges from being exposed to sunlight, which may help to preserve the flavor and effects of your oils.

• UNLOCK – Press the Lid Release Button on the side of the device to open the chamber.
• LOAD – Insert the cartridge into the loading chamber and close the lid (The default voltage setting is Green).
• DELIVER DOSAGE – The FLYT CTRL is inhale-activated and a vaporized dose will automatically be delivered when you inhale through the lid/mouthpiece.
• CHANGE VOLTAGE – Unlock the lid and remove the cartridge. The LED will cycle through the 4 voltage settings. When the desired level is illuminated, insert the cartridge back into the loading chamber and close the lid.
• BATTERY LEVEL – Gently tap the bottom of the device on any firm surface and the LED light will illuminate to indicate the battery level.

Generally speaking, higher temperatures lead to more vapor production and have a more immediate effect on most users. Lower temperatures tend to provide more flavor and offer a smoother dose. The FLYT CTRL 2.0 allows you to select from 4 different voltage settings to customize your vaping experience to fit your personal preference. The higher voltage you choose, the higher the temperature.

• Temp 1: 2.6 V (Blue)
• Temp 2: 3.0 V (Yellow)
• Temp 3: 3.4 V (Purple)
• Temp 4: 3.8 V (Green)(Default)

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8 reviews for Ctrl 2.0

  1. DENNIS DORIETY (verified owner)

    love the ctrl so much I bought 4 over the past year or so. It does however have the issue of the sticky spring and sleeve. customer service has been great in the past when my units stopped working. I highly recommend it and will purchase it again to give as a present.

  2. NATHANIEL BRYANT (verified owner)

    Had the pleasure to try this device for the first time and I dig it. First vape device I have seen with a carb. Met one the head gentleman behind the scenes- shout out A. Cool people with a number of very neat and interesting products. Check it out yo self.

  3. NATHAN (verified owner)

    I had a chance to check out this particular device, and I have to say that I enjoyed it completely. Also had a chance to meet one of the Fellas behind the scene, shout out A!! Good people with a number of super interesting and exciting products. First time I’ve ever seen a Vape with a carb function!!!

  4. CHARLIE FOXLEIGH (verified owner)

    I got one of these on vacation because the old one I had was so old it finally stopped working and I’m not gonna lie but I have mixed feelings at best.

    At least half the time I’m trying to load a half cart into it it won’t respond to me closing it. After getting so fed up with trying to make it work for almost 10 straight minutes it FINALLY starts doing its job! It hits fantastically when it actually works but that is only after it recognizes that it has the cart inside.

    I absolutely DREAD having to replace the cart once it ultimately gets depleted but I wouldn’t ever recommend using this unless you primarily use full carts.

  5. KRISTEN (verified owner)

    I’m loving my device. My first cart did get sticky and I had to find a way to pull it out… I would love to see a silicone sleeve and a wrist strap for this!

  6. LUKAS

    One of the best vaping products I have bought, if not THE best. Easy to use with a slick design. All you have to do is make sure it’s charged. It’s very discreet too which is a huge plus. The only complain is sometimes the cartridge is too big to fit inside it.

    Highly recommend it.


    Bought this about a week ago, I love how it hits and how my cartridge is secured safely inside. Only issue I have is that I am only one cart in, and the inside spring is like sticky and holding down the cart. It has become a process to get the cart out. Any thoughts on how to like, clean the inside, so this stops happening?

  8. ALEX

    I have to say I never wrote a review for a product. Ever. The Flytlab CTRL changed that. When I first got the product. It was just a pleasure to begin with, from how it comes, to how it works, to actually using it. The CTRL simply hit all the nails on the head. Its got big clouds, very easy to use, even useable while charging for christ sakes. Its definitely one of my favorite vape devices now.

    Perfect for any occasion on the go or chilling in the house. Not to mention the stickers, keychain, other goodies they gave for FREE even after I used a promo code. The customer service is on point and a perfect example of how products and brands involved in the industry should operate. Will definitely be watching Flytlab and their new products to come. I hope you guys the best!! Thanks for the CTRL <3

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